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Before words

The inscription on the Pantheon in Rome displays formal capitals around the first century. Words in ancient Rome are often abbreviated and not separated by a space. The word as we know it today, was not born yet.

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Closing the circle

Another graph to illustrate some of the underlying ideas of this blog. This one shows that handwriting, reading and typography influence

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Practice much & often

‘Just like one who wants to learn to write, if he would master this skill he must practice much and often no matter how difficult

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The world on paper

David R. Olson is University Professor Emeritus of cognitive sciences at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto). His book The World on Paper is an essential read for anyone interested in literacy.

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Making handwriting sense

Letters not only make visual sense. Letters make handwriting sense. Visual sense is a consequence, an effect of the rational, logical and systematic use of tools, materials and methods. The particulars, though, are embodied and can’t be explained with words, … Continue reading

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Cataneo’s italic copybook

Bernardino Cataneo was a writing master at the University of Siena around 1544-1560. The only known surviving exemplars of his writing are the pages in this copybook, dated 4 February 1545.

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Knowledge and experience, hand in hand

David Kindersley, British stone carver and letter designer wrote ‘Knowledge and experience must go hand in hand if any understanding is to be achieved.’

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