Touch Does Teach.

‘Let me SEE’, says the child, while it extends its arm, reaching out with the HAND.



Hand to Type is a revolutionary method to learn to read and write adapted to the digital age. 

  • Learn ‘regular’ script, the script we use on computers.
  • Learn to read
  • Understand type
  • Experience design thinking and creativity
  • Develop fine motor skills


Because scientific evidence shows that handwriting, making letters stroke by stroke helps the perception of letters. In times when typing is replacing handwriting in schools, we are helping the new generations creating a solid foundation through a direct experience of the written word.


You will receive a printable PDF with a story-based workbook and printable guides. You will also have one month access to exclusive educational videos with information and practical demonstrations that support the learning process. All this for only 19.99 USD.

1 Month Membership

Workbook + Guides + Video Access